Accountant Cloud … Coming Soon!

I spent the last week in Atlanta – first celebrating my birthday (May 7) and visiting the Walking Dead tour.

Well worth the trip if you are a fan!

Then at Sage Summit. The Sage event is always one of my favorite weeks of the year because it truly is a technology company and their summit is always technology-driven. Almost geeky to a point. And well, I’m kinda geeky!

First, we learned about artificial intelligence and bots (I just wrote a blog post for about this) but also, I got to see and understand the roadmap for a new product coming soon. Most likely our firm will be a beta user. The new product is practice management with client accounting and firm financials all in one.

Wow, that’s a mouthful and big undertaking.

The plan is for it to be developed on the Salesforce platform just like Sage Live. It will have open connections to other products that we commonly use in our firm. Think products that are not Sage…so it will connect to Intuit and CCH, etc.

This is big for Sage.

I have only seen just the beginning and they seem to be on the right track. Let’s face it, the hardest part of running our firms today is that we have NO centralized platform. We spend all day in and out of various applications.   And besides it being confusing, we lose efficiency.  So, if they can solve this problem. It will be awesome.

You know me, even though the product is only in its early stages, it can’t get here fast enough.

Aside from that, I met a Radical fan from Panama. He accosted me at lunch to get my picture. How cool was that?

And I was on a thought leadership panel with Tom Hood, Gary Boomer, Gail Perry, that was recorded on VoiceAmerica by hosts Ed Kless and Ron Baker. Listen to it here! 

I’m always thankful that I get out and about to learn something new.  Hope to see you on the road soon!

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