Blogging: You Never Know Where it Will Take You

A lot of folks ask me about the ROI for blogging, podcasting, and social media.

Too many firms have a hard time distinguishing themselves from every other CPA firm out there. Branding is on my mind a lot lately as I try and navigate the New Vision CPA brand, our wealth management brand, and The Radical CPA brand.  Wow, three brands in one. Oh wait, I forgot, there’s also the Jody Padar brand.

I’ve been in line at CPA conferences and people say, “Hey, you are that CPA who does the video!” Or they say, “I think, I know you!”  It’s flattering and I’m happy to connect and learn about their CPA firms as well.  It’s amazing to me that I can be recognizable in a crowd of thousands of firm owners. Besides having my ego stroked, a recognizable brand is actually a very important thing to cultivate.

What else does a strong brand create?

A strong brand creates opportunities. I recently applied and was accepted to the Forbes Financial Council.  What does that mean? It means I am now able to blog for Forbes once a month.   How cool is that?

My blog for Forbes will be aimed at small business owners, addressing how they should be working with their CPAs in real time, with an expectation of advisory services. I’m sure blogging for Forbes will have a direct impact on my firm’s revenue. But what I am really excited about is that I can now take my message on a national level to small businesses, which will directly help other CPAs.

Aside from my passion and mission to create a better firm culture (which is what The Radical CPA movement is all about), this is how I can close the loop, so that the complete ecosystem of small businesses, CPAs, and technology companies can work together to change financial futures.

I believe that it will also help other CPAs as they start working radically by educating their future customers on how the market has changed and the new opportunities out there to work with CPAs.

Brands that have social missions have an inherent advantage and I honestly fell into my brand because of a want to change CPA firm cultures – which is now changing small business owners’ financial futures.

What is your mission/brand about?  Do you know it?


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