Cloud-based firm software: Your Lifeline When You Need It (And Even When You Think You Don’t)

How was your after-tax season party? Did you celebrate a successful tax season or did you drink to forget a crazy tax season? Or did you just add another notch to your desk as one more completed? It was one of the most unique seasons for my firm.

I travel frequently. Having anytime, anywhere technology access has been important to my firm’s growth, culture, and lifestyle. But it isn’t until you really need something that you realize how important it is to your business.

Now, I know many of you already have some sort of remote login or Citrix desktop. But for those of you who don’t or who have been thinking about switching to “the cloud” or CCH Axcess for easier remote access, I would challenge you to move faster in your decision making. For your business viability, for your business’ tangible value, and for your own peace of mind. And if you are already in the cloud but are not yet using CCH Axcess Workstream, I would say that should be on your “want” list.

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