Have You Offered to Clear out Your Clients’ Dead Trees? 

Greetings from the Midwest! It’s almost spring here and I couldn’t be more excited. With spring comes clearing away the old to get ready for the new.

A little while ago I received a call from a tree service that we have used in the past.

He said he was out driving around and wanted to call me personally. (That’s good marketing, by the way).

Now I know why he’s calling.

We have a dead small evergreen on our property.

This evergreen has been dead for the last three years and every spring I think, “Gee I need to call the tree guy and have it removed.”

And then I forget.

I walk by and ignore it to the point that it’s become status quo in our yard.

Now, this tree is special to me. We planted it in honor of my brother who died 13 years ago. I have an emotional attachment to it.

Ultimately, I know not only will we remove it but we will also replace it. We may also add some additional trees as well. It’s long overdue.

I also have professional landscapers who have gardened around this dead tree for the last three years. My lawn guy has not once offered a solution to my dead tree other than to continue to cut the grass around it.

Thinking back on the last few years, I probably should have been more proactive about removing the tree.

But where were my professionals, who I pay significant amounts of money to, by the way, to say that they could help me with my dead tree before I asked?

It took three years before anything was said.

Which brings me to my point: How many dead financial processes are sitting within your customers’ small businesses?

When was the last time you reached out to offer to help “clean up” their processes?

Is that being a proactive financial professional?

Just saying!


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