Let’s Get Radical and 1st Global Team up at AICPA ENGAGE and Rock the Radio!

I haven’t been shy about discussing getting licensed and moving into the wealth management space.

This past tax season my New Vision team and I discovered all that we can do in financial planning – from offering assets under management to fixed fee advisory services.

We are still deep in the information fire hose but I’m starting to be able to put context around all of the content I’ve been consuming.

We are working on building out a cloud-centric business model learning about new cloud tools in the space, as well as product.  I know for sure after attending the AICPA Engage event (I’m on the conference planning committee) that it is the right decision for our firm.

Providing wealth management services is a natural extension of what I do as a CPA, and in today’s world, there are lots of ways to work with your current customer base.

While at Engage, I pitched and disrupted the event as per my usual Radical self.

No crazy party this year but 33 interviews on live radio with our producers from VoiceAmerica.  Liz Gold, who is the other co-host of Let’s Get Radical and owner of Rhino Girl Media (my marketing partner) and I spent a whole day interviewing 1st Global customers and their executives about the state of financial planning.

We touched on hot topics such as technology, the future, and diversity with esteemed thought leaders.  We talked about how and why more and more practitioners are starting to adopt financial planning services as their own.

It was really an informative and educational day for me. Listed below are some of the highlights. Check them out!

Lyle Benson: All about the future of services to the individual

David Knoch: The president of 1st Global talks about the state of the financial planning industry. Watch the segments here and here.

Michael Kitces: We talk digital tools in financial planning and more!

Bob Veres: The publisher of Insider’s Forum and big time influencer in the FP world gives us his take on diversity in financial services and more. Listen here and here.

We also had the opportunity to interview Peter Zeihan, a geopolitical strategist. He was a trip! And he shared some interesting nuggets about what’s happening in the world.

And so much more! Feel free to download them all at https://www.voiceamerica.com/LiveEvents

If you are interested in learning more about 1st Global, shoot me an email at  jody@newvisioncpagroup.com and I will tell you all about my experience. I will be blogging a lot in the next few months hoping to catch you up as I learn. Are you up for the challenge?  I can’t wait.

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