Radical Reflections

As I wrap up 2016 and look forward to 2017, I’ve already told you what I see in our future as Radicals together.

I would love to say thank you for being such an awesome community who is growing to be future ready with new Radical Ways.

The more I get out, the more I see how real change is happening. Other CPAs are constantly telling me how much they have learned, how much their businesses have grown and how they feel so much happier with their practices. The more I hear that, the more grateful I am.  Also, I see the Radical message moving upstream to create real monumental change with the “Big” firms.

Who would have thought?!

I had the opportunity to talk future ready with thought leaders and members of the MACPA (Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants) last week and it just reminded me of how much faster we need to move. CPAs, vendors, and associations alike.

Then I got to spend the day at one of my favorite events, CPA Summit and I was able to hear Kimberly Ellison-Taylor, the AICPA’s new chair, share what we need to be future-ready.   Her story is nothing short of amazing and she inspires me.

Kimberly spoke about how technology and CPAs need to be together or we won’t have a seat at the table. I was (probably not surprisingly) on a panel with a robot talking technology and talent.

So enjoy your holiday.  Rest up, be thankful, and relax because 2017 is going to rock for the Radicals.

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