The One That Got Away

What’s the hardest part about being a Radical CPA?

Breaking up with a customer!

It’s Valentine’s Day week and so relationships are on my mind.

You see, when you are Radical with your customer, it really is a close relationship.

All that stickiness that make customers stay, makes it that much more difficult when they do move on. More so than a traditional CPA relationship.

When something changes – whether it be an employee, significant growth, a major revenue downturn or whatever else may happen to your business or your customer’s business – sometimes needs don’t match.

It’s sad.

Recently, I’ve felt sad over the loss of a customer.  The income loss to our firm is fairly immaterial and I know that will be replaced.

But I’m sad.

And I’ve been grieving the loss as we have transitioned. I don’t think it’s our firm’s fault or our customer’s wrong decision.  It just is.

When relationships change, it’s always hard. Would I give up this feeling and go back to not being a Radical?


This Valentine’s week, I honor the love that fills my heart from the relationships I have with so many of my current customers.

Yet, I still grieve that missing piece from the one that left.

I know that love will be refilled, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

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